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New Hampshire Business Owners Endorse Sanders - No, They Don't

New Hampshire Business Owners Endorse Sanders – No, They Don’t

It's difficult for me to wrap my head around the notion that business owners would endorse the most radical presidential candidate in history. How is that even possible? What are people thinking about? Why are they thinking about what they are thinking about? Yet, according ...
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The O'Brien Interview and Endorsement

The O’Brien Interview and Endorsement

William L. "Bill" O'Brien has been around New Hampshire politics since 2004 when he became a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He ended his House leadership when the Democrats gained control in 2012. In 2014, when the GOP regained control, Bill ran ...
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Merchants of Addiction - Reliance as a Tool of Tyranny

Merchants of Addiction – Reliance as a Tool of Tyranny

Beginning with Jamestown (circa 1607), American life has been organized around and dependent upon the notion of rigorous self-reliance. In early America, self-reliance was a given. There wasn't much choice for the early patriots. After all, staying alive was paramount, and there were no grocery ...
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“Red Flags”:  Fine for Football, but not Society

“Red Flags”: Fine for Football, but not Society

Bottom Line Up Front I find that a lot of wisdom, sound advice, and guidance on how to solve the problems of the present is found by simply listening and learning from our past. Therefore, I’ve decided to use the quotes of Calvin Coolidge, Daniel ...
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iVoteNew Hampshire Francis Schaeffer

My Pro Life Tribute

Nearly 40 years have raced by since my first exposure to Roe v. Wade, abortion and the slaughter of the innocents. In America alone, tens of millions of unborn babies have had their lives snuffed out in the free-fire zone of the womb. Globally, the body count is astronomical. The United States of America now funds global abortion. Looking back, ...
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iVoteNew Hampshire BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS: Academic Self-Esteem

Six years ago my daughter cornered me and stated, "Hey dad, there's a new school opening next year and I want to go there!" My 6th grader's enthusiasm was obvious, and I didn't want to ignore it. We spent the next couple of hours on Google, researching "BASIS schools" which yielded a hefty 20,000,000 instances. That alone got my attention ...
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