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Voters in the Granite State should be more than trouble with the performance of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. In fact, I’m recommending everyone examine her wreckless voting record.

Turns out, Shaheen has a cushy career in the Senate where she continues to crank out legislation that will eventually ruin the people of New Hampshire.

Shaheen has a record of trying to fix what ain’t broke! While governor of New Hampshire, she demolished the health insurance industry reducing it from about two-dozen providers to just two. She is credited with allowing the healthcare industry to tread on New Hampshire’s most vulnerable.

Shaheen can pat herself on the back for raising premiums and sending deductibles into orbit somewhere in the far reaches of the Milky Way.  Her healthcare screw-up has diminished the wealth of the citizens of New Hampshire.

It didn’t take her long to compile a similar tragic voting record as one of New Hampshire’s US senators. According to Conservative Review’s tracking, Senator Shaheen has a Liberty Score® of zero! Yes, you’re reading this correctly — zero! She has never voted conservative, always liberal.

It’s possible, but doubtful, that New Hampshire’s voters want open borders, unlimited funding of Planned Parenthood, deficits as far as the eye can see, budgets that are simply continuations with auto mark up and increases, and more.

Shaheen voted to allow abortions after 20 weeks of gestation, the point of proven pain for an unborn baby, and she increased taxpayer-subsidized “Green Energy” homes, an unproven technology. She even voted against the Keystone Pipeline!

The fact is, Senator Jeanne Shaheen is nothing more than a big-government, big-spending, life-controlling leftist. If you want all the details about Senator Shaheen’s abysmal voting record, you can download her voting record here.

It’s time to dump the bloated federal government, and ostensibly Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Unless, of course, the citizens of New Hampshire, in fact, want a government that not only treads on them but stomps all over them, destroying self-sufficiency, personal property rights, and–well–liberty itself.

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